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Do it all from a single device
The handheld HP Elite x3 is an easy and convenient way to work, in the office and on the go. Dock it in the optional HP Elite x3 Desk Dock or HP Elite x3 Lap Dock to get the productivity of a desktop or the convenience of a notebook.

Built for business
Crafted for business users, the HP Elite x3 is a robust device with powerful processing power and a long-life battery. An Iris scanner and fingerprint reader make login fast, and dual SIM card slots support travel.

Work uninterrupted
Start a task on the go and finish at your desk without saving, syncing or restarting with the HP Elite x3, Microsoft Continuum, and the optional docks, which allow you to work with a larger display, keyboard and mouse for added convenience.

Easy access to business-critical apps
With HP Workspace, virtualize the business-critical Windows x64 and x86 apps you rely on to get the job done. Available as a service from HP, it offers IT a simple alternative to deploying and managing corporate licensed apps and includes analytics.